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Powered by TumblePower.

Manage Tumblr with our powerful, carefully designed and fully open-source desktop client!

TumbleDeck is a Tumblr client designed for Windows. With its own Tumblr API Library (TumblePower) for VB and carefully designed interface, it's just powerful! TumbleDeck  is a free and open-source, fully functional Tumblr client for Windows PCs. We wrote the Tumblr API Library for Visual Basic .NET so we get as much performance from the application as possible. The carefully designed user interface helps the program to squeeze out performance as well as look good and have access to all its features right away. TumbleDeck is unique because no other (so simple) application like it was ever created. No Adobe Air needed! One of the greatest things about TumbleDeck is that it's fully open-source, so every tiny bit of it is available to you.

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